The project “The era of Prince Michael Cleophas”

The idea of the project

The project “The era of Prince Michael Cleophas” is devoted to the reconstruction of the high culture of the late 18th – early 19th centuries. First of all we are interested in music and dance aspects of the culture, as well as military and economic aspects of the life of Russian aristocracy of the time.

The idea of the project as a dedication Prince Michal Cleophas Oginski originated in 2008, and we believe the official start of the first Empire-style ball, organized by us in October 2009.

Our land is located in the heart of Europe, it has always been the scene of the most important – not only for Europe but also for the whole world – historical events. Reconstructed between us – this is the era of Napoleon, during severe shocks to the world powers, while complex and ambiguous. During this period, finally disappeared from the map of our great motherland – the Commonwealth of Two Nations. And it was Prince Michael Cleophas Oginski seems to us a symbol of the lost state – intellectual, talented composer, philanthropist, an outstanding statesman, Oginski showed exceptional diplomatic skills that until recently to protect the interests of its defunct homeland and fight for the restoration of its independence.

Participants of the project “The era of Prince Michael Cleophas” – people who know how to listen to music, love to dance, passion for history and deriving inspiration in it for businesses of the 21st century.

We invite you to join our movement to anyone whose soul voices of our glorious past!